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Communication is a skill that most people take for granted. The irony is that although communication is a skill that can be learnt, and one that is required every moment of the day in every aspect of our lives, it is a skill that is not taught at school and most people assume they are able to communicate with others effectively. This is far from the reality: most people have mediocre or poor communication skills, as is evidenced by the confusion, unhappiness and conflict we see in the working environment every day. This lack of skill is a negative factor in peoples’ lives and in terms of career prospects. This is because the way we communicate is an external fabrication of who and what we are as human beings and much of our communication is subconsciously constructed. Most people are not aware of the messages their body language, tone or diction conveys; nor of the messages the receiver understands when interpreting these signals. Nor do they recognise or adjust their communication to suit the communication strengths and weaknesses of their audience.

This basic one-day course will provide some assistance with understanding how human beings communicate and mis-communicate. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of communication and how it affects every aspect of their lives, including how they are perceived, how they achieve and how they fail in a business environment. The course is a practical, participative course that is constructed around exercises carefully designed to ensure real learning by attendees and relevance to the world of work. The workshop will help employees at all levels of the organisation to improve their communication skills and to become happier, more productive employees.

Course Outcomes

The course covers the basics of Communication and course outcomes are therefore an understanding of these aspects and tools to enable improved communication. The course material covers the following:

  • Understanding communication
  • A communication model: sender, receiver, purpose, message, medium, environment and barriers
  • Diversity, assumptions and stereotypes
  • Questioning
  • Aspects of communication
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Listening and empathy


Juliet Gillies holds graduate qualifications in Psychology, Communication and English and post-graduate qualifications in Marketing and English. She has diplomas in Public Relations and Journalism. In addition, she is a registered Mentor, Moderator and Assessor.

Juliet spent many years in the corporate world in a number of communication and marketing managerial positions and gained experience in the following industries: merchant banking, security, professional bodies, call centres and government (labour, skills development and foreign affairs). She has honed her Business English skills over a period of twenty-five years in various positions, principally in the Communication, Marketing and Training and Education fields. Juliet has been involved in training and education since 2001 and is an experienced presenter and course writer. She is the Chairman of the Marketing Committee of the Professional Editors’ Group of South Africa and a member of the Board of Trustees of an accredited higher education institution in Pretoria.

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